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Mesut Ozil: Arsenal Were Able To Go The Premier League Trophy

Midfielder Mesut Ozil, Arsenal, is optimistic his team able to compete in the hunt for the Premier League title next season. But Ozil rate, it can be achieved if all players fit throughout the season.

The Gunners appeared less convincing in the first half of the season 2014-2015. A storm of injuries that often hit as well as less stable performance of Danny Welbeck dkk. make Arsenal briefly occupied the sixth position while the Premier League standings.

However, Arsenal were able to slowly rise. Of the 19 matches in the second half of the season, their success 13 victories, pluck three draw and only three swallows defeat.

Unfortunately, the sequence of positive results is not yet quite bring The Gunners won the League last season. They were only able to close out the season 2014-2015 in the third stage of the Premier League standings with a value of 75. Arsenal scattered up to 12 numbers over a successful Chelsea settled the season with champion status.

Mesut Ozil: Arsenal Were Able To Go The Premier League Trophy

Mesut Ozil really hope a bad performance in the first half of last season could not happen again in this season. Because according to him, Arsenal have the ability to become champions.

"Only in the second half of the season we showed how good we play, especially against a great team. We can defend the FA Cup trophy, "said Ozil as reported by the Daily Star.

"If the players are in a condition fit, then we have a lot of potential to win the Premier League. We also know if another team is also good, but we have the potential to beat any team, "Germany national team midfielder imbuh.

To face competition in the future, the activity of the Arsenal on the stock transfer isenjoying adem. So far, The new Gunners bring Petr Cech of Chelsea with a value of10 million pounds transfer.

The success of Manchester United, bringing Bastian Schweinsteiger makes Wayne Rooney is happy. He said Schweinsteiger will help Red Devils grabbed a lot of titles.

MU origin Germany bringing in players that Bayern Munich with funds of 15 millionpounds or around Rp 310 billion. Schweinsteiger had agreed contract duration of pressing the three seasons.

Mesut Ozil: Arsenal Were Able To Go The Premier League Trophy

"Bastian is a very experienced player who has won everything in the game and it's great," said Rooney told MUTV.

"He has chosen to join our team and leave as Bayern Munich to come here," addedthe man that United Kingdom origin.

Men aged 29 and it confirms Schweinsteiger will have no trouble communicating with the players MU in its inaugural season. Because, Rooney felt Schweinsteiger was fluent in English.

"Bastian United Kingdom speak the language very well, so it was a boost for the squad. He is a fantastic player as he showed in a few years, "he said.

"We're glad to get it because he is a good player create us," Captain imbuh MU.

Liverpool central midfielder hunt called santer Internazionale, Mateo Kovacic to replace Raheem Sterling. However, Kovacic was not interested to graze along The Redsand want to remain at Inter.

Liverpool has just pulled off a Sterling to Manchester City with around 49 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 1 trillion. Later the Fund proceeds the United Kingdom national team winger would use The red for management, he brought a new player.

One of the players who want to be recruited on a stock transfer early this season was Mateo Kovacic. The Croatia national team midfielder reportedly can be obtained at a price of 30 million or equivalent to Rp 438 billion.

But, the desire of Liverpool land Kovacic to the Anfield Stadium will not become a reality. For players of 21 's quite at home in uniform I Nerazzurri and was reluctant tocontinue his career in another Club.

Mesut Ozil: Arsenal Were Able To Go The Premier League Trophy

"Inter never said if they want to sell me. Will not. I will remain here. I don't want to go. That's what I want, that's why I signed a new contract until 2019.0 "said Kovacic as reported by Italy Football.

"There will be a long term relationship between me and Inter I want to show if I'm worthy to be in the Inter I want to grab the Championship title together this jersey. Inter just like Real Madrid or Barcelona, "sambungnya.

Can appear in any position of the start of a winger, an BELI LIKE INSTAGRAM, defensive midfielder, central midfielder to make a worthy substitute figure assessed KovacicSterling core squad at Liverpool. However, the former Dinamo Zagreb player insists, the style of play is very different from Sterling.

"Could it be I have replaced Sterling? We have two different roles. Not authorized me to say whether there was an offer from Liverpool or not, hopefully it's taken care of by my agent. However, I repeat again. Me. Wanted. At., "stated Mateo Kovacic.

Mesut Ozil: Arsenal Were Able To Go The Premier League Trophy

Midfielder   Mesut   Ozil ,   Arsenal,   is optimistic   his team   able to compete   in   the hunt for   the Premier League   title   next...